Animal Filtration System

Long-term animal containment will require the Coy Animal Filtration System to remove gaseous waste. These units can be automatic or manual. Lab personnel turn the manual filtration system off and on, based on lab protocols, while the automatic unit with digital display is governed by the user-defined CO2 setting. The animal filtration system is a closed-loop circuit with a pump that draws the glove box atmosphere out through the filters (CarbO2Lime® and activated carbon) and returns it to the glove box.

Added Capacity for Animal Filtration

Tell us the numbers of animals you will be housing so we may discuss your need for added capacity for animal filtration. This is simply additional filters to enhance the filtration system and adjust for the number of animals, easing maintenance time for lab personnel. Sealed quick disconnects enable filter changes without compromising the environment.

CarbO2Lime is a registered trademark of Allied Healthcare Products, Inc., St. Louis, MO.

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