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    Forced Air Incubators

    The Coy Incubator is designed to maximize incubator capacity while minimizing use of the workspace. Features include: Forced air circulation Monitors and controls a constant temperature environment Digital readout Light-weight design that is durable and… See Details »

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    Microscope View Port

    Microscopes become more valuable tools for intrachamber work with the use of this optically clear flexible vinyl sock. The sock is sealed to the chamber wall and is installed directly over the… See Details »

  • coy-lab-cam-12-th

    Anaerobic Monitor (CAM-12)

    The Coy Anaerobic Monitor (CAM-12) is the only analyzer that offers both O2 (PPM) and H2 (%) monitoring in one unit for the same price as most conventional Oxygen monitors. Detects real-time… See Details »

  • coy-lab-animal-filtration-system-th

    Animal Filtration System

    Long-term animal containment will require the Coy Animal Filtration System to remove gaseous waste. These units can be automatic or manual. Lab personnel turn the manual filtration system off and on, based… See Details »

  • coy-lab-feed-thru-adapter-thumbnail

    Feed-Thru Adapter

    One feed-thru adaptor (11⁄2 ”/38 mm) is supplied as standard to meet customer needs for electrical wiring, tubing or any type of cord that needs to be sealed through the chamber wall.… See Details »

  • Airlocks (Purge and Pass Thru)

    Vacuum Airlock Door This update to the airlock door has a spring-loaded corner pivot which allows the door to swing up while parallel to the airlock, saving valuable space. Older Coy airlocks… See Details »

  • Quick Change Cuffs

    Change your vinyl anaerobic chamber gloves in less than 30 seconds! Time is your lab’s most valuable commodity and Coy Labs is always looking for ways to minimize your anaerobic chamber maintenance. We… See Details »

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