Anaerobic Chamber – Rigid

The gloved polymer units are an easy and economical way to get started with an Anaerobic Chamber. These simple chambers provide a strict anaerobic atmosphere of 0-5 parts per million (ppm) using a palladium catalyst and hydrogen gas mix of 5%. Equipped with a purge only airlock these units are typically half the cost of the other style Anaerobic Chambers. By design, all rigid polymer chambers operating costs are greater than the flexible vinyl system due to the requirement of a pressure relief system. The Coy gloved polymer chamber is the most economical available on the market. While not ideal for the long term or heavy use, it provides a solution for short term research projects and smaller budgets.

All research is not the same. Coy glove boxes are designed to be expandable and easily modified through the many options available. It the allows principal investigator to design a system specific to their research.


  • Patented diaphragm top: This mechanism allows for easy access/exit of the glove box without the push pull created when volume change occurs upon entering the glove box.  This unique design also contributes to gas savings.
  • Visibility: The clear polycarbonate allows the user to see into the chamber without the costs and maintenance of additional lighting.
  • Purge Airlock: A simplistic design to allow items to be brought into the anaerobic condition without disrupting the environment. Manual purge airlock available (right side placement).
  • Economical: The initial cost of the gloved polymer system is the most economical of its kind.
  • Custom sizes and configurations: As a manufacturer we have an engineering staff who will work with you in designing a system specific to your needs.
  • Arm Port Plugs:  Allow for easy sealing when entering/exit glove box
  • Neoprene sleeves with fitted latex gloves and arm
  • One gas mix regulator and tubing
  • Chamber available heated or unheated

Due to the variety of options and configurations including custom sizing please contact your Coy representative for details.

Some common parts and accessories are available for online purchase with credit cards only. If ordering by P.O., please submit your P.O. to orders@coylab.comPlease note that some accessories do not fit all products.

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