Anaerobic Chambers

Coy Anaerobic Chambers eliminate oxygen to 0-5 parts per million (ppm) using a hydrogen gas mix (5% or less) reacting with a palladium catalyst to remove oxygen by forming a water molecule. A vacuum airlock is used to reduce oxygen levels prior to transfer of samples and tools in and out of the glove box. Access ports allow sample manipulation without ever exposing your samples to ambient conditions.

Temperature incubation options include heating the entire glove box to be your incubator or placing a specially designed Coy incubator within the workstation interior for a more comfortable working atmosphere for the users. Large Ports are included for large equipment transfer and smaller feed-thru ports available on every unit to pass cords/tubing in and out of the chamber in a sealed fashion.

Choose your chamber style to match your needs:

  • Vinyl chambers for the strictest atmosphere on the market and easiest operation and maintenance requirements
  • Polymer chambers for their compact size and gloveless sleeve options
  • Aluminum chambers for harsh chemical or cold room applications

Used for over 40 years in anaerobic microbiology research, these units are also critical to many other research areas such as protein purification, clinical microbiology, biochemistry, cell culture, human microbiome studies, biofules and more. Coy Labs is the most cited anaerobic chamber in the world.

  • A vinyl anaerobic chamber by Coy Laboratory Products

    Vinyl Anaerobic Chambers

    Our vinyl anaerobic chambers provide a strict anaerobic atmosphere and feature a heavy duty programmable vacuum airlock. Due to their flexible nature, these units exhibit greater ergonomics than rigid glove boxes. See Details »

  • Gloveless polymer anaerobic chamber by Coy Lab Products

    Gloveless Anaerobic Chamber

    Coy's gloveless anaerobic chambers feature a cuff and sleeve-vacuum system, allowing the user to work barehanded (or with surgical gloves) inside the unit. See Details »

  • Rigid anaerobic chamber by Coy Laboratory Products

    Anaerobic Chamber - Rigid

    Rigid polymer units are an easy way to get started with anaerobic chambers. Equipped with a purge only airlock, they are typically half the cost of other anaerobic chambers. See Details »

  • Anaerobic chamber accessories by Coy Laboratory Products

    Anaerobic Chambers Options & Accessories

    Our anaerobic chambers have a wide selection of options and accessories, allowing you to create the ideal configuration for your operations. See Details »