Quick Change Cuffs

Quick Change Cuffs

Change your vinyl anaerobic chamber gloves in less than 30 seconds!

Time is your lab’s most valuable commodity and Coy Labs is always looking for ways to minimize your anaerobic chamber maintenance. We introduce the latest innovation for the most cited anaerobic chamber in the world: the Quick Change Cuff (QCC) system for the Coy Vinyl Anaerobic Chambers.

What use to be a 20-30 minute exchange is now ≤ 30 seconds with the QCC.

See demo video below.

The exchange process is quick and easy:

  1.  A port plug with handle is used to seal the port while the old glove is removed.
  2.  A new glove attached to an adapter ring is brought into the chamber.
  3.  Adapter Ring is pushed on to the cuff port
  4.  Heavy rubber seals are rolled on to the port to secure the glove to the port cuff


  • Significant gas savings as damaged gloves are readily exchanged
  • Appropriate size gloves are quickly exchange for any size user.

The Quick Change Cuffs are available on any new or existing vinyl anaerobic chamber and include the port plug, one pair of cuff systems, seals for two pair of glove ports, a medium and large size pair of gloves. Extra QCC Adapter is available for more than 2 hand sizes or simply for a personnel set of gloves for a primary user.

Ask your Coy representative about a gloveless version of the QCC.

Watch a Demo:

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