Atmosphere Regulation

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    Compact Dehumidifier

    This easy-to-maintain unit provides a way to remove moisture without using a desiccant. The dehumidifier operates as a simple “cold wall” to condense moisture from the air; a drain removes excess moisture… See Details »

  • Moisture Control for Anaerobic Chambers

    Controlling moisture within an anaerobic chamber is one of the most important aspects but each chamber is different so instead of a one size fits all solution we offer 2 separate solutions… See Details »

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    Atmosphere Filter System

    This recirculating system will control contamination of particles 0.3 micron and larger. Engineered much like the dehumidification apparatus, the filter receives glove box atmosphere drawn by a vacuum pump and returned to… See Details »

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    Anaerobic Gas Infuser

    Optimize your anaerobic gas consumption and save on operational cost with the Coy Anaerobic Gas Infuser.  The Gas Infuser operates with the Coy Anaerobic Monitor to ensure proper H2 levels are maintained… See Details »

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    Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Column

    Accumulation of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in Anaerobic Microbiology Chambers can result in damage to electronics and decreased catalyst lifetime.  The Coy Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Column (HSRC) provides maintenance-free, high capacity removal of… See Details »

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