Anaerobic Monitor (CAM-12)

The Coy Anaerobic Monitor (CAM-12) is the only analyzer that offers both O2 (PPM) and H2 (%) monitoring in one unit for the same price as most conventional Oxygen monitors.

  • Detects real-time transient level changes
  • Adjustable alarm levels
  • User replaceable sensors

The CAM-12 (and it’s predecessor, the Model 10) Analyzer have been successfully used by researchers to monitor levels of the oxygen and hydrogen in their anaerobic chambers for over 25 years.  Your anaerobic chamber becomes a dynamic environment in which you can readily determine leaks, bad catalyst or a need for change in equipment layout or airlock procedure.  The H2 monitor allows each lab to optimize their Gas Mix consumption rate saving time and operational cost.

Now labs who might otherwise have wanted separate, costly equipment to measure hydrogen can reap the additional benefits of knowing the levels of this volatile gas. Each analyzer is especially calibrated to your specific background gas mix. The security of knowing that an incorrect gas mixture can’t jeopardize your equipment or your safety is priceless.

User Replaceable Sensors – Access through the rear panel allows easy and quick sensor swap for re-calibration or replacement in the anaerobic chamber without downtime. Sensor calibration data is kept on the sensors so a fast download of new sensor data to the CAM-12 is all it takes to get accurate measurements.
Adjustable Alarms – The high O2 alarm is adjustable through the full scale of the sensor allowing monitoring to be set to match organism requirements. H2 alarms for both low and high H2 can be set to trigger before reaching undesirable levels for safety and function. Too little H2 will affect the ability to maintain low O2 and high H2 levels are potentially dangerous.
CO2 Compensation – The CAM-12 O2 sensor is unaffected by CO2 or changes in CO2 levels. However, the H2 sensor may be affected by CO2. The user can compensate by inputting the background CO2 level up to 20% so that the appropriate offset can be applied to allow for accurate H2 measurement. For CO2 levels greater than 20%, a factory-set specific CO2 level compensation is available by ordering the CAM-12S. Multiple H2 sensors can be provided with the CAM-12S for different CO2 levels, enabling sensor swapping in the anaerobic chamber as needed.

No Routine Maintenance Procedures


Physical and Electrical Specifications

Size of Footprint 6.25” Wide x 6.25” Deep, 39.0 sq in
(15.9 cm x 15.9 cm, 252.0 sq cm)
Overall Dimensions 6.25” Wide x 6.31” Deep x 3.35” High
(15.9 cm x 16.03 cm x 8.52 cm)
Weight ~1.7 lbs (0.77 kg)
(~3.0 lbs shipping weight)
Power Requirements ~18 watts
90 ~ 260VAC, 50 – 60 Hz
Operating Environment 15 to 42 ℃C
Up to 90% Relative Humidity, Non-Condensing

Functional Specifications*

Full Scale Measurement Range O2: 0 – 2000 ppm (readings will display higher levels)
H2: 0 – 10% (capable of higher values; however, unit should not be utilized in flammable mixtures)
Resolution O2: 1ppm from 0 -1500 ppm, and 5ppm from 1500 – 2000 ppm
H2: 0.1% from 0 – 4.0%
Accuracy O2: 20ppm up to 700ppm
H2: 1.0% up to 10.0% H2
Operating Temperature & Humidity Range Ambient to 42℃ C and Non-Condensing
Zero Drift Due to Temperature O2: < 1ppm / ℃C The factory calibration temperature is 29 ℃C
H2: < 0.1% / ℃C
Output Display “Noise Level” O2: +/- 1ppm
H2: +/- 0.1%
Alarms – Oxygen User-settable high alarm from 0 to 10,000ppm, in 5 ppm increments
Flashing LED and message
Audible tone can be silenced by the operator
Alarms – Hydrogen User-settable between 1.5 and 4% in 0.1% increments
Flashing LED and message
Audible tone can be silenced by the operator (unless the Hydrogen is above 5%)
CO2 Compensation User-settable from 1-20%*

Materials of Construction

Enclosure ABS plastic, 94V-0
Front, Rear, and Sensor Panel Aluminum
Sensor Handle Anodized Aluminum
Front Panel Overlay Polycarbonate
Rear Panel Overlay Vinyl
Display Face Glass

* If you are using a gas mix containing anything EXCEPT Hsub>2, Nsub>2 and/or <20% CO2, consult Coy Laboratory Products as this is outside of the standard CAM-12 range; however, a CAM-12S may be appropriate for your application. The CAM-12S is calibrated for use with gas mixes containing argon and/or >20% CO2 (the CO2 compensation function is potentially inaccurate or nonfunctional depending upon the gas mix).

Options & Accessories