Airlocks (Purge and Pass Thru)

Vacuum Airlock Door

This update to the airlock door has a spring-loaded corner pivot which allows the door to swing up while parallel to the airlock, saving valuable space. Older Coy airlocks may be retrofitted in the field with the new style door and updated digital electronics.

Purge Airlock

The purge-only units operate by flushing background gas into the airlock to push out excess oxygen prior to opening the interior door. Ideal purge times are provided by Coy for various O2 levels. Automatic units allow the user to preset a specific time to purge the airlock with a simple touch of a button. With manual units, the user operates ball valves and times the purge. Purge units, while initially less expensive to purchase than vacuum airlocks, generally have a higher operational cost and a longer transfer time.

Three-port Airlock

Plan for laboratory growth by specifying a three-port airlock at the time of initial chamber purchase. The airlock will provide maximum growth potential because a Coy add-on chamber can be purchased and installed at a later date without the cost of the airlock. The three-port vacuum airlock allows easy transfer of samples from one chamber to the other without compromising chamber interior atmospheres. Outside door swings out from opening.

How Coy Vacuum Airlocks Work

Coy vacuum airlocks (manual or automatic) remove O2 from ambient conditions to achieve acceptable levels of O2 prior to transfer to/from the chamber. The airlock reaches the low O2 level through a multiple vacuum/purge procedure. The standard factory procedure is to pull a vacuum to 20” of mercury, then purge back to 1” of Hg using an inert background gas. Another cycle is repeated with the inert gas. A third cycle is performed with the H2 gas mix used for anaerobic work. On the third and final purge, the vacuum level is brought back to ambient with just a slight vacuum left to hold the seal. The seal is easily broken by the user when opening the door. Automatic airlocks are equipped with an advanced electronic program that allows adjustments in vacuum levels, number of cycles, calibration of pressure sensors, and programmable profiles, depending on the type of work being done in the chamber. All vacuum pumps are equipped with moisture traps to prevent excess moisture from the chamber or gas tanks from entering the pump. This helps prevent pump vane rusting, which can significantly damage the pump. Manual airlocks operate with the user turning ball valves for the gas and pump while monitoring the vacuum levels. Automatic airlocks operate with the touch of a button.

Type A, B, or C Vinyl Anaerobic Chamber 1 or 2 Person Aluminum Anaerobic Chamber (Gloved or Gloveless) 1 or 2 Person Polymer Anaerobic Chamber (Gloved) 1 or 2 Person Polymer Anaerobic Chamber (Gloveless)
Vacuum Vacuum Purge Only Purge Only
Airlock Interior Dimension (L x D x H) 13.6″ x 13.6″ x 13.4″ 13.6″ x 13.6″ x 13.4″ 12″ x 10″ x 14″ 12″ x 10″ x 14″
mm 345 x 345 x 340 345 x 345 x 340 304 x 254 x 355 304 x 254 x 355
Capacity (100 mm Petri Dishes) 150 150 60 60
Door Opening (W x H) 8″ x 11″ 8″ x 11″ 8″ x 10″ 8″ x 10″
mm (W x H) 203 x 279 203 x 279 203 x 254 203 x 254


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