Changing Gloves in 30 Seconds or Less

Changing Gloves in 30 Seconds or Less Could you change the gloves on your vinyl anaerobic chamber in 30 seconds?  You can now with the Quick Change Cuff for the Coy Vinyl Anaerobic Chamber.  Upgrade any new or existing vinyl anaerobic chamber with these revolutionary cuffs to allow a new glove placement inside the chamber… Read More »

Gas Infuser Introduction

Maintaining proper hydrogen levels is key to maintaining ideal anaerobic conditions. Coy introduces an automated way to do this through Anaerobic Gas Infuser. Working in conjunction with the Coy Anaerobic Monitor the Gas Infuser uses the CAM-12’s H2 reading to inject fresh anaerobic gas mix into the system while balancing and ensuring the interior pressure.… Read More »

Coy Announces New Partnership for Eastern Europe dealer

Coy Laboratory Products the world’s leading supplier of Anaerobic and Hypoxia Chambers is pleased to announce the partnership with a new dealer for Eastern Europe, Accela (formerly Biotech Europe).  With offices in Prague and Warsaw and service centers throughout eastern Europe Accela is uniquely qualified to handle the many exciting opportunities for anaerobic and hypoxic… Read More »

Neuroscience November 12-14th in San Diego

Society for Neuroscience’s 46th annual meeting is the premier venue for neuroscientists to present emerging science, learn from experts, collaborate with peers, explore new tools and technologies, and advance careers. Coy Labs will display their full line of hypoxic chambers including the innovative Intermittent Hypoxia Chamber.  Join us at booth #428 in San Diego.

Anaerobe Meeting 2016

Coy Labs joins the Anaerobe Society of the Americas (ASA) as they host the 13th Biennial Congress –Anaerobe 2016 — July 11-14, 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee USA. Researchers and practitioners from around the world are invited to attend and participate in this Congress to engage in presentations, exchanges, and dialogue on issues related to the… Read More »

Anaerobe Meeting, July 11-14

Join us at the 2016 Anaerobe Meeting in Nashville, addressing both the clinical and microbiological aspects of anaerobes, as related to human diseases, animal disease, and environmental conditions. Mixing theory and practical applications, the Congress will consist of invited speakers, oral presentations, and poster presentations, representing work by researchers from over 30 countries. Coy Labs… Read More »

New German Dealer for Coy Laboratory Products

Since forming in 1969 Coy’s German customer base has been critical to the success of the company and development of innovative solutions for anaerobic microbiology and hypoxia research.  Now in that proud tradition Coy announces our Partnership with NeoLab as our new German dealer with sales and service offices throughout Germany to further enhance customer… Read More »

Coy Anaerobic Chambers #1 Choice in Microbiology

Anaerobic chamber citations (%) in all American Society of Microbiology journals 54% Coy Laboratory Products 46% All Other Anaerobic Chambers Combined (January 1998-January 2013)

Incubator shelf

The world’s largest capacity anaerobic chamber finds a bit more useable space when used with a Coy Incubator.  The Coy Incubator Shelf raises the incubator up allow more valuable floor space to be used for storage.  Thanks to large flexible glove port the top of the incubator is still viable.   Incubator shelves are ideal options… Read More »

Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Column Product Release

Accumulation of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in Anaerobic Microbiology Chambers can result in damage to electronics and decreased catalyst lifetime.  The Coy Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Column (HSRC) provides maintenance-free, high capacity removal of undesirable hydrogen sulfide (H2S) by recirculating the Anaerobic Chamber atmosphere through the Column. The HSRC’s unique layering of H2S removal media acts via… Read More »

Coy Designed Hypoxic Chamber for Seahorse Analyzers Product Release

Coy introduces the latest hypoxic chamber configuration for use with Seahorse Analyzers.  For over 40 years Coy has custom designed and sized our hypoxic  and anaerobic chambers to users needs, now the Coy open concept design is directed at one of the most innovative instruments for cell culture studies. The precision design enables samples to… Read More »

Coy Anaerobic Monitor Redesign

For over 20 years the Coy Model 10 Gas Analyzer has been the most valuable tool in maintaining anaerobic chambers. Now Coy Laboratory Products announces the upgrade of this anaerobic monitor using the original patented technology to monitor oxygen and hydrogen within an anaerobic system. Standard features of real time monitoring, the most accurate oxygen… Read More »