Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Column Product Release

Accumulation of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in Anaerobic Microbiology Chambers can result in damage to electronics and decreased catalyst lifetime.  The Coy Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Column (HSRC) provides maintenance-free, high capacity removal of undesirable hydrogen sulfide (H2S) by recirculating the Anaerobic Chamber atmosphere through the Column.

The HSRC’s unique layering of H2S removal media acts via a combination of adsorption and chemisorption.  Having two media maintains performance under a broad range of operating conditions since the mechanism-of-action/performance of individual media depends on a complex set of variables. An integral airflow system, combined with the column design, ensures required air flow conditions to take advantage of the high H2S removal capacity with single-pass H2S clearance.

The increase use of traditional bench top electronics into the anaerobic chamber makes scrubbing the interior atmosphere from harmful byproducts more import than ever and the Coy HSRC is a vital option for all Anaerobic Chambers. Click here for more information.