Gas Infuser Introduction

Coy anaerobic gas infuserMaintaining proper hydrogen levels is key to maintaining ideal anaerobic conditions. Coy introduces an automated way to do this through Anaerobic Gas Infuser. Working in conjunction with the Coy Anaerobic Monitor the Gas Infuser uses the CAM-12’s H2 reading to inject fresh anaerobic gas mix into the system while balancing and ensuring the interior pressure. Also featured with the system is a dynamic data logging system for validation and verification of the historical O2 and H2 levels being maintained.

Not only is this an easy way to ensure proper gas mix within your anaerobic chamber but it also optimizes tank consumption. By not basing the input of anaerobic gas mix based on pressure or time but actual real time Hydrogen levels it ensures that no excess gas is consumed. Safety features include time out warnings for excessive gas consumption are included with both audible and visible alarms.

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