Coy Designed Hypoxic Chamber for Seahorse Analyzers Product Release

Coy introduces the latest hypoxic chamber configuration for use with Seahorse Analyzers.  For over 40 years Coy has custom designed and sized our hypoxic  and anaerobic chambers to users needs, now the Coy open concept design is directed at one of the most innovative instruments for cell culture studies.

The precision design enables samples to be incubated and transfer under complete control conditions for Oxygen.  When combined with the Coy O2 Control Glove Box for hypoxic cell culture you have complete control of not only oxygen but CO2, Temperature and Humidity.

  • Coy Hypoxic Seahorse Chamber includes:
  • Accurate Control of Oxygen
  • O2 Calibration System
  • Precise fittings for Seahorse communication connections outside of the chamber
  • Upgrade connection to any Coy Hypoxic Glove Box
  • Removable Front Panel for easy access or use of the seahorse under ambient conditions
  • Ideal workspace
  • Low Cost

The Coy Hypoxic Chamber for Seahorse Analyzer also includes key optional upgrades including Equilibration incubator, HEPA Filtration, and CO2 Controls.

For more information click here for data sheet down load.