Anaerobic Chambers Since 1969

In 1969 Richard Coy, owner of a small, high-precision prototype machining company, was approached by Doctor Rolph Freter in the Microbiology Department at the University of Michigan. Together they developed the concept and design of the world’s first anaerobic chamber dedicated to microbiology research. With his first-born child on the way, Richard worked diligently in the basement of his own home manufacturing chambers. From these humble beginnings Coy Laboratory Products grew into the world’s leader in anaerobic chambers. 46 years later Coy offers a complete line of anaerobic and hypoxic chambers and humidity control glove boxes.

Today, the flexible Vinyl Anaerobic Chamber is manufactured and shipped around the world as the most cited anaerobic chamber. Coy’s state of the art manufacturing center, just outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan, has also produced even more innovative options such as Gas Injection Systems, the world’s only Anaerobic Monitor for measuring both oxygen and hydrogen, and the revolutionary hydrogen sulphide removal system.

Hypoxic Chambers (O2 Control) and Beyond

In the last 20 years, hypoxic chambers (O2 Control), designed for in vivo and in vitro studies, have been added to the mix. For the first time, researchers are able to precisely control oxygen along with CO2 temperature and humidity, while performing sample manipulations. Now a complete line of dissolved oxygen sensors is also available.

The latest Coy product is a collaborative effort with the University of Michigan to develop an operant analgesia meter for rats. Introduced in 2011, this Mechanical Conflict-avoidance System (MCS) is a novel approach to preclinical pain studies and is another revolutionary product from Coy Labs.

One of the unique traits of Coy Labs is the ability to customize and design for a variety of needs. Learn more about our custom-built glove boxes. »

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Coy Laboratory Products Manufacturing Plant Today

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Coy Laboratory Products Ann Arbor Manufacturing Facility in 1978

Coy Laboratory Products Manufacturing Facility in 1978


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