Changing Gloves in 30 Seconds or Less

Could you change the gloves on your vinyl anaerobic chamber in 30 seconds?  You can now with the  Quick Change Cuff for the Coy Vinyl Anaerobic Chamber.  Upgrade any new or existing vinyl anaerobic chamber with these revolutionary cuffs to allow a new glove placement inside the chamber WITHOUT compromising chamber integrity.  A port plug is included to seal the chamber while the exchange is made and extra cuff rings can be bought for as many different gloves you would like to have ready.

So not only is this a quick way to save money on leaky gloves but now multiple hand sizes can easily be accommodated.  Check out the product page here for more information.

Quick Change Cuff Upgrades

  Part #
7000300 Quick Change Cuff System (1) Pair, (1) Plug
7000301 Quick Change Cuff System (2) Pair, (1) Plug
7000310 QCC Adapter (2) with O-Rings (4)