About Coy Laboratory Products
Over 30 years of experience means meeting your needs with quality products.

For more than 30 years Coy Labs has produced Glove Boxes, Anaerobic Chambers, and controlled atmosphere glove boxes designed to fit people's needs. Coy glove boxes and chambers can be found in every corner of the world, and nowhere else for the price and convenience can you find the flexibility of design, ease of operation, and reliability of performance. Coy glove boxes and chambers come equipped with all the necessary accessories for the specific application:

Anaerobic Microbiology
Tissue/Cell Culture
Temperature Regulation
Controlled Humidity
Oxygen Control
Inert Gas Atmospheres
Small Animal Containment
Particulate Control
Dry Weighing/Packaging
Aerosol or Splash Containment
PCR Work Station
Aerosol or Splash Containment

Meeting Your Needs
The Coy engineering team can readily adapt and modify the Coy Glove Boxes and Chambers to meet your unique needs. Usually custom engineering is costly and time consuming and quite often results in an untested design. Coy Systems not only offer you the convenience of designing your own chamber with tested, balanced components, but enables you to start up almost immediately upon receipt since all Coy Chambers and Glove Boxes have a very simple set-up procedure. Click here to lean more about our custom builds.

All seals, seams, equipment and accessories are pressure checked at the factory for leaks prior to shipment. The simplicity of design also helps when routine maintenance is required. Often all that is needed is a screwdriver or Allen wrench to "tweak" the equipment and keep it in top working condition.

Simple, convenient, cost effective glove boxes that work day in and day out.

Contacts Us
The Coy Laboratory Products factory is located in Grass Lake, Michigan, about 55 minutes West of Detroit.
Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products.

14500 Coy Drive
Grass Lake, MI 49240
United States
Phone: (734) 475-2200
Fax: (734) 475-1846

Sales Inquires: sales@coylab.com
Technical Service: techservice@coylab.com

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